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Basketball Wagers

Basketball wagers are among the easiest to make among different sports offered in internet gambling.

With over 12,000 professional and college games each season, betting lines are available online daily for regular season games, tournaments and playoff action.

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The National basketball Associat.ion (NBA) alone features 30 teams playing 82 games each in a span of 8 months (from November to June).

Meanwhile, College Basketball features 347 schools in 32 Division I conferences. The season starts November and culminates with the much anticipated Tournament in March, aptly called "March Madness".

With so many games to choose from and handicap, Basketball wagers can be daunting for novice bettors. But if you put in the time and effort to gather and analyze as much information as you can about the teams, you can be a consistent winner!

Basketball wagers use much the same procedure as wagering on American Football - point spreads are used to handicap the favorites and underdogs for any given game.

Money Lines and Over and Under Totals are also popular for Basketball wagering as well. Online sportsbooks usually require 43 minutes of play for wagering to take place at the NBA while at the NCAA, 35 minutes are needed.

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Basketball Wagering Tips

Here are 10 easy to follow basketball wagering tips to help you win your basketball wagers:

1. Let The Game Come To You

You often hear this adage from coaches who are trying reel in an out of control player. And you should listen to it too. An NBA season is 10-months long. There are plenty of opportunities to bet.

Use the early part of the season to gauge the tendencies of each team. See how the new players are jelling, look at the system of the new coaches, etc. Make your own bench mark for each team to block out the preseason hype.

And when wagering time comes, look for lines getting steam, especially close to tipoff.

2. Consider Over / Under

Odds makers already have their tried and tested formula for spread and money line wagers. But in basketball, any player is capable of scoring big (or getting shutdown) each night. This makes the Over / Under wager a sharp bettor's best friend.

3. Check Player Availability

Key players (even coaches) may be unavailable for the next game. Injuries, suspensions, off-court issues, even designated rests can affect player availability.

During the first three season of Lebron James' return to Cleveland, the Cavs are 129-43 in games with him and 4-18 in games without him. When Lebron sits, you're almost sure the Cavs are going to lose.

4. Keep An Eye On The Schedule

The NBA releases its schedule weeks before the start of the regular season. Sports pundits are quick to mark marquee matchups like Christmas Day games, the first rematch of the previous Finals' teams, etc.

But value can be found on games that are NOT nationally televised. You can more objectively weigh the odds of each team winning without the media hype or drama from the big teams or star players.

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5. Look Back On Back To Backs

The NBA schedule is one of the most brutal in all of sports. Teams travel cross-country and play on back-to-back nights. Sometimes three games on four nights, even four games in five nights. Despite the NBA's efforts to spread out games throughout the season, some teams still get this tough schedule as many as five times a season.

Teams on the tail end of a long and tedious road trip may not perform well, affecting the game's Over / Under and outright result.

6. Study The Trick Of The Trade

Trades and free agent signings are part of professional basketball and professional sport for that matter. Yet, many players still part with their team with animosity. Look for players who have an axe to grind against their former team and are out for a breakout game.

Consider Dwayne Wade's first game against the Miami Heat after he got traded to the Chicago Bulls. He may have scored only 13 points, but his key plays propelled the Bulls for the 98-95 win.

Or Derrick Rose's double-double performance against the Bulls after he was sent to the New York Knicks. Rose's stat for the night – 15 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists for a 117 – 104 Knicks win.

Even Kevin Durant lit up the Thunder for 40 points and 12 rebounds in his first game against his former team after moving from Oklahoma to Golden State.

7. Look For Meaningful (or Meaningless) Games

Games, especially towards the end of the regular season, can be meaningful to some teams, while meaningless to others. Teams which have locked up their playoff position may opt to rest their star players. Meanwhile, other teams who have yet to secure their post season spots will go all out.

There's good value in rooting for teams who will fight tooth and nail for your hard earned bankroll.

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2020 NBA Championship

Odds to Win | June 15, 2020

Atlanta Hawks 45/1
Boston Celtics 100/1
Brooklyn Nets 7/2
Charlotte Hornets 125/1
Chicago Bulls 40/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 200/1
Dallas Mavericks 40/1
Denver Nuggets 35/1
Detroit Pistons 5000/1
Golden State Warriors 4/1
Houston Rockets 10000/1
Indiana Pacers 225/1
Los Angeles Clippers 30/1
Los Angeles Lakers 16/1
Memphis Grizzlies 125/1
Miami Heat 18/1
Milwaukee Bucks 8/1
Minnesota T-Wolves 200/1
New Orleans Pelicans 500/1
New York Knicks 100/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 7500/1
Orlando Magic 5000/1
Philadelphia 76ers 35/1
Phoenix Suns 8/1
Portland Blazers 100/1
Sacramento Kings 1000/1
San Antonio Spurs 500/1
Toronto Raptors 300/1
Utah Jazz 12/1
Washington Wizards 100/1

2020 NBA East Champ

Odds to Win - June 01, 2020

Atlanta Hawks 15/1
Boston Celtics 35/1
Brooklyn Nets 9/5
Charlotte Hornets 50/1
Chicago Bulls 15/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 90/1
Detroit Pistons 2000/1
Indiana Pacers 100/1
Miami Heat 11/2
Milwaukee Bucks 7/2
New York Knicks 35/1
Orlando Magic 2000/1
Philadelphia 76ers 15/1
Toronto Raptors 150/1
Washington Wizards 35/1

2020 NBA West Champ

Odds to Win - June 01, 2020

Dallas Mavericks 18/1
Denver Nuggets 15/1
Golden State Warriors 9/4
Houston Rockets 5000/1
Los Angeles Clippers 12/1
Los Angeles Lakers 9/1
Memphis Grizzlies 60/1
Minnesota T-Wolves 100/1
New Orleans Pelicans 250/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 3000/1
Phoenix Suns 15/4
Portland Blazers 50/1
Sacramento Kings 500/1
San Antonio Spurs 250/1
Utah Jazz 9/2

Point Spread Basketball Wagers (Straight Wagers)

The team wagered on must win by the point spread given at the time of the wager. The odds are $1.10 to win $1.00 (-110) unless otherwise indicated. Due to changing events, the point spread may fluctuate at any time. Place a point spread basketball wager now.

Money Line Basketball Wagers

The team wagered on just has to win the game. The amount that bettors lay or take for each game may vary. The money line that is listed when the wager is placed is the money line kept, regardless of any line movement.

For example, a bettor could choose one of two wagers on the following match-up: L.A. Lakers -200 at Portland Trailblazers +180. If the Lakers win, the bettor who laid $200.00 wins $100.00. If Portland wins, the bettor who bet $100.00 wins $180.00. Place a money line basketball wager now.

Totals (Over / Under) Basketball Wagers

In totals wagers, bettors must wager on whether the actual combined scores of the two teams will either be over or under a certain pre-determined number, called the total for the game. All totals lay $1.10 to win $1.00, unless it is otherwise indicated.

For example, in a Warriors - Cavaliers game, the over / under given is 187. The combined final score of both teams must exceed 187 for bettors who wager on "Over" to win. For those who wager on "Under" to win, the combined final score of both teams must be less than 187. If the combined score equals 187 the game is considered "No Action" and the original wager is returned. Though bookmakers usually add a half point in the totals to avoid ties. Place a totals (over / under) basketball wager now.

Quarter / Half-Time Basketball Wagers

All wagers must go the full quarter or half for action. All quarter / half-time wagers are calculated the same as a straight wager unless otherwise indicated. There are no teaser plays or buying of points on quarter / half-time llines. In case of an overtime, it will be included as part of the second half. Place a quarter / half-time basketball wager now.

Parlay Basketball Wagers (Multiples)

A parlay is a bet on 2 or more teams (selections) or propositions in no particular order. All teams wagered on in a parlay must win. If there is a tie, the parlay reverts down to the next lowest number for payoff. For example if a player selects 4 teams, and one ties, the parlay becomes a three team parlay. For a 2 team parlay - a tie and win becomes a straight bet (-110) payout. Place a parlay basketball wager now.

Teaser Basketball Wagers

A teaser is a selection of two or more teams in one wager in which the point spread is adjusted in the bettor's favor. The number of teams selected and the number of points selected determines the payout odds. A "Tie" or "No Action" and a "Win" on a two team teaser shall constitute a "No Action" wager. A "Tie" or a "No Action" and a "Loss" on a two team teaser shall constitute a "Losing" wager. Ties on a three or more team teaser shall revert to the next lowest betting bracket. For example a tie on a three team teaser becomes a two team teaser. Place a teaser basketball wager now.

Future and Proposition (Props) Basketball Wagers

Future wagers are based on the outcome of events that happen each year. All wagers are final. There will be no payouts until the conclusion of the specified season.

Proposition plays are wagers based on the outcome of events. Odds change daily and all wagers are considered action for the odds quoted at the time of the wager.

In the event that the selection (person, team, or other) the wagerer bets upon does not participate in the game/event due to injury, etc., no refunds are usually made. Place a future and proposition basketball wager now.